4 Apr 2018
4月例会 春の日英国際交流親睦会 ~生け花文化を通して~

 春の日英国際交流親睦会 ~生け花文化を通して~





●日英おともだち会:Nichi-Ei Otomodachi Kai was formed in 1961 by Lady de la Mare, the wife of a British diplomat, to encourage and promote friendship and contact between the women of the United Kingdom and Japan.  The spirit of friendship between the two countries is expected to be strengthened and maintained through the monthly whole Kai events and outings as well as the diverse activities of the Special Interest Groups ―Arts & Antiques, Gardens & Flowers, Book, Music, Needle, Theatre, Sumi-e & Calligraphy and French Cookery.



Ikebana International (I.I.) is a non-profit making, cultural organization founded by an American, the late Mrs. Ellen Gordon Allen in 1956. Its aim is to stimulate goodwill and international friendship through the study of Ikebana.  It also provides an umbrella organization for the many different schools of Ikebana. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Ikebana International benefits from the advice and full co-operation of the headmasters of all the leading Japanese schools of Ikebana.

The London chapter, No.6, was founded in 1958 as the first chapter in Europe.  It has members from many different schools as the founder of I.I. intended.  This mixing of ideas and styles is a great stimulus for further creativity.


例会日時 4月24日(火曜日) 10時30分受付  11時開始 


10:30 開場 受付開始

11:00 団体代表挨拶

11:20 生け花デモンストレーション見学 (デモンストレーションは英語で行われます)

13:00 国際交流親睦会 


14:00 終了予定


例会場所 Brompton Oratory church Hall, Brompton Road, London, SW7 2RP


最寄りの地下鉄駅:South Kensington/Knightbridge(ピカデリーライン)駅より徒歩五分

参加費: 15ポンド(会員のみ) :例会当日、現金にて受付でお支払いください。


参加定員:20名(会員のみ) 申込人数が定員を超えた場合は、抽選となります。





お申込み方法: メンバーズページをご覧ください。